Save your body from dehydration in summers

Save your body from dehydration in summers. How to save your body from dehydration in summers. So, as we know summers are here. As we know in the past few years that temperatures have break all record in summers. Temperature is going high day by day. Which causes more heat in daylight.

While other side in night there some cool wind are blowing. But they are not enough to get rid of this rise temperature day by day. Save your body from dehydration in summers.

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Cause and effects:

As we know there is many causes and effects of dehydration. In summers when we don’t drink water for a few time our body feels thirsty.
Our throat is getting dry as well as our tongue also. When our body sweating in summers this can be cause of dehydration. It’s effect can be very dangerous for our body.

What to do to get hydrated:

In other words if i say we have to be take care of our body. When we go outside we should carry a bottle of water. We should drink lemon water 2 times in a day. We can mix glucose to our water bottle whenever we go to office, school, college etc. That is to say anywhere you are going you have something to drink. And most importantly you should cover up your head or face with some cloth. You should cover your hands and body.


For example when you go outside in afternoon. You should cover your head or face with cloth. Make sure that cloth will be silky or not itching you. Avoid that soda or gas drinks because they are worst than dehydration. Always go with lemon juice or glucose water. At instances you can avoid some trips or walks in long afternoons. Because it can affects your health.

During whole day you should keep drinking water at gap of 1 hour. Because it helps a lot to get hydrated whole day. Although you have to take in lunch some liquid stuff. Meanwhile you have to add some new dishes in your diet.
Like you can add some watermelon in your lunch. Fruit chat is best option in summers. Save your body from dehydration in summers.

Change your diet:

Add some fruit chat in your lunch. At least some salad in which cucumber is mostly important. Watermelons is best thing to keep hydrated in summers. You can even try some juices like mango juice and orange juice etc.


In conclusion all we can say that if you want to keep hydrated your body in summers. Then you have to change your habit. You have to take care of your skin. You have to avoid walk outside in afternoon time. When temperatures is on its high peak. Save your body from dehydration in summers.

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